Entry Programme Offshore Wind

This program aims to accelerate the competitiveness of the supplier industry in a new fast growing market: offshore wind.

The program focuses on delivering competency and connect stakeholders through an online platform and physical workshops at relevant locations in Norway. Version 1.0 of the online platform is now live, and will be followed by a series of workshops in 2023. Our next workshop will be in Stavanger on the 13. of April. See more information below. The online platform will also be continuously updated with more content. Stay tuned for more to come!

Statement from Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr. Jan Christian Vestre

Director of Innovation Norway Håkon Haugli's Entry Programme statement

Offshore wind opens new opportunities for the Norwegian supplier industry

The Paris Agreement's goals for 2050, EU's "green deal" and nations 'and companies' targets for emission reductions, requires significant development of renewable energy. The energy mix will need substantial contribution from offshore wind, and production capacity from windmills offshore is expected to grow fivefold in the coming decades. Offshore wind is - and will increasingly become - a large market, with major investments in most regions globally. With our history from petroleum and maritime industry Norwegian suppliers are well positioned to succeed in the offshore wind market.

CEO of Eksfin Tone Lunde Bakker's Entry Programme statement

This course is suitable for

  • Norwegian supplier companies within the oil, gas and maritime sector that aims to pivot to the offshore wind industry

  • Research and development companies with a interest for the offshore wind industry

  • Existing Norwegian companies within the offshore wind industry

Learning outcomes

  • Preparation

    An understanding of what is expected of the individual company before prior to joining the Entry Programme.

  • Market preperations

    Understand the market by looking at market descriptions and relevant stakeholders. Learn about contracts, regulations, and support schemes.

  • Market qualifications

    Understanding of essential elements that strike a successful entry into the market.