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Offshore Wind

In this collection we have gathered a selection of content designed to help you and your company succeed on the offshore wind market.

What will you find here?

On this page we have gathered course content that will provide you with...

  • Understanding of the market

    We have gathered material to enhance your knowledge and insight into the offshore wind market. Learning outcomes include an understanding of market trends, knowledge about financial and technological drivers, and insight into economic and political processes.

  • Insight into specific opportunities

    You know you have something to deliver in offshore wind, but not sure where to go? Our on-the-ground market advisors all over the world give you insight into international opportunities in their market-specific courses.

  • Tools and strategies

    We share tools and strategies to position yourself on the offshore wind market. Our market advisors have expertise on the mechanisms of the market, and they also offer some practical pointers on how to get your foot in the door in specific international markets.

Get in touch with a market advisor

We invite you to reach out to our offices abroad for assistance in international offshore wind markets.

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The Explorer is the official marketplace for green and sustainable technology from Norway. It connects international needs with Norwegian solutions.

Additional resources

Explore more offshore wind content from Innovation Norway and collaboration partners.