What you will learn in this course

  • 1

    How we will go through the topics!

    • Executive Summary

    • Objective, Scope and Methodology

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  • 2

    What you will need to know about the Indonesian Aquaculture sector

    • The Current Condition of Indonesian Fishery Sector

    • Structure of Fisheries Activities in Indonesia

    • Indonesian Aquaculture

  • 3

    Aquaculture Hotspot Mapping

    • Aquaculture Hotspot Mapping

  • 4

    Where the opportunities in the value chains are to be found

    • Hatchery

    • Nursery / Aquafarming

    • Vaccines

    • Fish Feed

    • Logistics

    • Equipment

  • 5

    What you need to know about regulatory Policy and Investment Environment

    • Top-level Aquaculture Investors and other stakeholders

    • Relevant Institutions, Laws, Regulatory Framework and Standards

  • 6

    This is what we recommend based on this analysis

    • Opportunities and Barriers in Marine Aquaculture

    • Challenges and Opportunities in Value Chain Segment