Entry Programme Offshore Wind - Preparation

This course explores early assessments of 'what it takes' to take on the offshore wind market.

Norwegian delivery environments within the oil, gas and maritime sector are competitive on an international level today. The competence, experience and resources in the form of personnel and facilities should provide a basis for gaining market share within the offshore wind industry too.

Introduction from Offshore Norge

This course is suitable for

  • Companies that want to evaluate where they stand in terms of market entry for offshore.

  • Tier 1 and tier 2 companies looking to explore offshore wind markets.

  • Companies within the oil and gas sector that have possible solutions for the offshore wind industry.

Learning outcomes

  • Maturity assessment

    Learn about criteria for market entry and methods to evaluate whether your company or solution is market-ready.

  • 'The art of internalization'

    Get insight into how you can scale your solution or product from a local to a global market.

  • Internal backing, funding and commitment

    Take a look at what it takes in terms of internal backing, funding and commitment to enter the offshore wind market.