Who should see this?

  • Companies interested in business opportunities in Italy

  • Companies that are in the process of entering the Italian market

  • Companies looking for more information about the Italian economy, business culture and market

What will you get from this course?

  • Insight into market opportunities in several sectors

  • Relevant information about the Italian economy

  • Practical advice on how to do business in Italy

What you will learn about Italy

  • 1

    Welcome to Italy

    • Welcome to Italy!

  • 2

    Innovation Norway Milan Office

    • The Office Team

    • Opportunity areas

    • Horizon Europe

    • The Team Norway in Italy

  • 3

    About the Italian market

    • Facts about Italy

    • Did you know?

    • Regional differences

    • Facts about Lombardy Region

    • The Italian cluster system

    • The "Made in Italy"

  • 4

    Export from Norway to Italy

    • Norwegian exports to Italy

    • Norwegian Seafood to Italy

    • Tourism

  • 5

    How to do business in Italy

    • How to establish a company

    • How to hire employees

  • 6

    Cultural business differences

    • Cultural business differences

  • 7

    Risk factors

    • Corruption

    • Language barriers

  • 8

    Customer success stories

    • Vestre at Milan Design Week

  • 9

    Market Opportunities and Projects 2021

    • Market opportunities

    • Design, Furniture & Architecture

    • Fashion

    • E-commerce

    • TUTTO FOOD 2021

    • ECOMONDO 2021

    • Tourism Nordic Workshop 2021

    • Travel Trade B2B project

  • 10

    We value your feedback

    • Was this useful?


Office Manager - IN Italy

Heidi M. Dahl

Heidi Dahl is heading up Innovation Norway in Milan and has spent most of her career working in many international markets. She has extensive leadership experience from different sectors including publishing, finance and tourism and has worked for a number of large and medium size international companies. Heidi has also worked as an entrepreneur and was part of a travel company start up, which was successfully sold to a large cruise and travel company.

Senior Market Advisor

Emanuela Teani

Emanuela Teani is a Senior Market Advisor at IN office in Milan. She has deep experience in assisting Norwegian companies establishing or expanding the business in Italy. Emanuela is responsible for international business development projects, networking and competence programs within Bioeconomy, Seafood, and Fashion. She contributes also to projects in other sectors.

Senior Market Advisor

Mauro Migliavacca

Mauro Migliavacca is Senior Advisor at Innovation Norway Milan office since 2008. Previously covered the role of Marketing Manager in an important publishing company working with several industrial sectors, and before he had different experiences in other companies within market research and communication. During his career he has developed in depth knowledge of several sectors like design, energy, smart societies and green technologies. The academic background is a masters’ degree in Political Science and a degree in Communication and marketing.