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This report aims to assist suppliers to monitor project development progress and quantify the accessible market in terms of schedule and scope. The objective of this US offshore wind market report is to provide context and overview as a static document; however, equally highlighting dynamic information sources to enable the reader to follow the rapidly changing industry in a timely fashion. The document is available for all Norwegian companies

There is a green new wave flowing through the United States, creating opportunities for Norwegian offshore wind supply chain providers. The long awaited offshore wind project pipeline has now firmly established itself, particularly on the East Coast where several states have committed to more than 29,000 MW of offshore wind targets by 2035, with additional plans in the works, likely leading to an overall target of more than 40,000 MW. California is aiming to follow and is currently lobbying to pursue 10,000 MW by 2040. From a supply chain point of view, active projects with lease areas and signed offtake agreements represent the most important leading indicator: currently we have more than 9,000 MW of such projects to be executed between 2023 and 2026. Current offtake solicitations in New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Rhode Island are expected to be confirmed by 2021 and deliver an additional 6,000 MW of active projects

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Senior Advisor

Tony Raposo

Tony har vært hos Innovasjon Norge siden 2001. Han spesialiserer seg på å hjelpe gründere og innovative SMBer med deres amerikanske forretningsutvikling, og hjelpe dem med å kommersialisere nye produktideer og løsninger for industri- og detaljmarkeder. Tony har erfaring med å jobbe i en rekke sektorer, alt fra produksjon og avanserte materialer til husholdningsprodukter, ITC og digitale medier.

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Rebecca Scheel

Rebecca Scheel has spent the last 15 years looking at economic development under different lenses. First as a researcher at the OECD in Paris, then managing an accelerator program in Copenhagen helping Danish startups enter the US market and fundraise, after which she worked as an entrepreneur. Rebecca joined Innovation Norway in May 2018 and currently employs her vast experience in bridging the gap between large tech companies looking for opportunities in the Nordic Region, primarily focusing on clean energy. She has an Executive MBA, an MA in international politics and a certificate in clean energy. While a Silicon Valley native, Rebecca speaks fluent Danish and French, and is working on her Norwegian.