Who is this course for?

  • Companies in the offshore wind value chain looking to expand their business

  • Companies with international ambitions interested in learning more about the French market

What will you get from this course?

  • Understanding of market trends

    The French offshore wind market is taking off. We provide you with an understanding of the most important market drivers, trends and figures. Understanding the state of the market will make you better equipped to take market shares.

  • Overview of political and regulatory conditions

    We provide you with the understanding of French political and regulatory conditions necessary to get your foot in the door. We also de-mystify the French tendering processes - once you know the basics you are good to go!

  • Insight into concrete market opportunities

    Why should a Norwegian company in the offshore wind business look to France? We will tell you! We will also reveal concrete business opportunities for Norwegian actors in future and ongoing projects.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome w/ Head of Export Eli Rognerud

    • Executive summary

    • Download our report

  • 2

    What you will need to know about the French offshore wind market

    • Key trends and figures in the French offshore wind market

    • Why it hasn't happened before... and why it is happening now!

    • A reformed and simplified regulatory framework

  • 3

    Where are the opportunities?

    • The French offshore wind value chain

    • Norway's competitive advantage in the French market

    • Upcoming projects with opportunities for Norwegian companies

  • 4

    How to seize the opportunities?

    • Tender processes: step-by-step

  • 5


    • Summary: Potential for collaboration and export

    • How we can support you in the market

    • Useful resources

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