Hopp til hovedinnhold

Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Norway


This course is a sophisticated exploration of the landscape for migrant and immigrant entrepreneurs in Norway

Being an entrepreneur or starting a company has always been challenging. As an immigrant entrepreneur, one must tackle challenges in addition to the hardship associated with starting a business. Many immigrant entrepreneurs have great ideas that potentially turn into successful businesses. However, the challenges of building and running a company could be a demotivating factor for the majority.

The course aims to empower entrepreneurs with migrant/immigrant backgrounds to embark on their entrepreneurial journey and understand the associated challenges. It offers comprehensive guidance, covering challenges, opportunities, and resources for starting a business. It discusses the importance of building trust within the Norwegian business community, strategies to build a professional network, and increasing knowledge on using diversity as a competitive advantage.

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  • Meryn Zumbo Willetts: Co-founder and CEO of Umbrella
  • Raja Skogland: Founder and Chair of The Visionary Company & VC
  • Aiman Shaqura: Founder of Charge Incubator
  • Niloufar Gharavi: Founder of Euro Nordic Funding Alliance (ENFA)
  • Evgueni Vinogradov Ph.D.: Researcher at Nord University